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October 23 2017




No bitch 

That’s nice but the post was by a bi person upset at bisexual erasure



Reblog if it’s okay for your mutuals to tag you in random stuff they think you’ll like

Why is there no english lyrics videos of ieva’s ploka?

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In the near future, you are making dinner because you are about to meet your girlfriend’s dad for the first time. All you have in the kitchen is cooked frozen steaks. In walks your girlfriend and her dad, Gordon Ramsey.

This isn’t a prompt, this a fully finished horror story

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It’s a vibe.

couldn’t tell if this was real life or gta v

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Cuttlefish pretending to be a hermit crab


look they were both being crabs thinking the other was a crab!!

“am crab.”

“am also crab–wait a minute”



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when you got banned from all social media for harassing women so you got no place to vent except Microsoft Word and a printer

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Orange Painted Bat

a Halloween

When my sister was very little she made a sign that said Happy Halloween. Only she didn’t know how to spell Halloween. So she wrote Happy The Bat instead. This is that bat.






tbh one of the best tropes is “character with a mask drinks something and it spills off their mask but they know damn well what they’re doing and just refuse to take off their mask”

i’d like to contribute: masked character tries to drink something and it spills off their mask because they did in fact forget they were wearing one, but they just keep going through the motion of drinking in a poor attempt to turn a fuckup into a power move and mama didn’t raise no quitter

Character known for wearing a mask is given drink, next time they are seen the drink is gone. No explanation.














why are boys hot and cute like wtf take a break

half of the notes on this post are people going “um i think you meant girls and also i hate boys they are disgusting” and the other half is boys going “this isnt about me nobody could ever feel that way about me”
like do you maybe see a connection here?? and also could you stop??

Boys are so cute!!! Small soft boys! Big buff boys! Tall skinny boys! In between boys! Boys are adorable!!!!!!!!!!!

i’m not even attracted to boys but yes???
can confirm???

Boys are amazing, especially nice ones who sympathize with you and make you feel beautiful even if you look like shit.

Soft boys! Trans boys! Boys with chubby cheeks! Skinny boys! Lanky boys! Boys with acne scars! Boys who run! Boys who draw! Boys who cuddle! Asian boys! Black boys! Brown boys! Pale boys! Short boys! Quiet boys! Funny boys! Boys with anxiety! Boys with autism! Dyslexic boys! ADHD boys! Athletic boys! Math boys! Boys who grew up watching history documentaries! Gamer boys! Fashion boys! ALL THE  BOYS!



After all the boy-dragging that goes on on this hellsite, thank you

Appreciate boys with good souls

Kind hearted boys deserve the world

why do people on tumblr pretend men hate is an actual issue lmaooo

Because boys have body positivity issues too but aren’t allowed to talk about them because it “isn’t manly”. Because boys get dragged on here near constantly if they dare have a problem because it’s not as bad as a girl would have it.  Because people refuse to acknowledge that eating disorders and image issues aren’t gender specific.  And because of people like you who act like none of this happens when it stares all of us in the face on a near-daily basis.

Because neglect is classified as a type of abuse, and society has neglected boys’ needs- be they emotional, physical, what have you- for far too long.

Ghost: Hellbent progress update


Heya everyone, we are still plugging away on the Hellbent video.   While we’ve made some good progress this month, we unfortunately won’t be able to finish it for October.  We don’t have a set date in mind at the moment, but we like to think we can get it out this year.

A majority of the raw animation is completed by now.  We are about halfway through background art.  Afterward will be effects, fixes, and final compositing.

We apologize for not being able to make it in time of our preferred release date, but we want to make sure the video is as polished as we can make it.  We will keep everyone posted when we have a release date set in stone.

Beyond that, we do have some extra things in the works.

This here is a schematic for an official Mystery plush.  We’ve gotten a prototype made and are continuing to make adjustments.  We aren’t quite sure how we’re going to fund the production, but we’ll let everyone know when we have things more solidified.

Again, we apologize we weren’t able to get stuff out to ya’ll faster, but thank you for sticking with us and we hope to have content for everyone before too long.


You are good at something, stop lying to yourself. You’re good at breaking down comic book plots, cooking ramen perfectly, making your friends happy, knowing the time without looking at a clock, getting the perfect ending at RPG’s, or figuring out the twist ending to movies. Don’t let society tell you your talents are meaningless because they don’t serve an economical purpose. Your talents reflect your interests and passions, and what’s important to you is important.

October 04 2017


ok apparently there are MULTIPLE KINDS of tractor anarchy happening currently like 1) Catalan farmers blocking roads with their tractors to fuck with police 2) American farmers using Ukrainian firmware to hack their tractors after John Deere changed their licensing to forbid user repairs because “they own the tractor software, you’re just using it”

we live on a hell planet but tractor anarchy gives me hope

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