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February 27 2020

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Absolute murder.

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I reblog this every time I see it, because it’s one of life’s hardest lessons.

“Do or do not, there is no try” is the worst damn advice I was ever been given as a child. Fuck telling kids that their mistakes are the result of deliberate choice; let them know that they can fail for reasons totally beyond their control, and let them know that it’s just important that they earnestly try.

I can’t believe Captain Picard learned everything he knows from Beyoncé.

Always reblog Picard and Beyoncé


Here. Bees


To clarify this absolutely embarrassing story. He was the leafs zamboni driver. And played for the hurricanes.


they just won and the entire team is hugging him


he’s a 42 year old with a kidney transplant. the hurricanes are currently winning the game


the maple leafs injured both of the hurricanes goalies so they put their fucking zamboni driver in the net LMAO




Via @iamdylancurran (Twitter)

I’ll repost this whenever I see it on my dashboard.


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Earth has a new “moon” the size of a car but yall deleted pluto from the list of planets? Jesus

February 26 2020

Etsy is somehow being even worse, do not click etsy ads



Etsy is now forcing shop owners to be part of their ads. We can not opt out.

To anyone who buys from etsy: DO NOT EVER CLICK THEIR ADS

They are rolling out a program where if you get a sale from an ad they put out, they’re taking 12-15% of the profit(probably on top of the like, 5%ish+ they already take). Even worse, if you have clicked an Etsy ad in the last 30 days ANYONE YOU BUY FROM ON ETSY IN THAT PERIOD WILL BE BILLED THAT FEE. 

So please, if you see an ad for something you like off etsy, do not click it. Just go on etsy and search for it.

This is somehow worse than what storenvy used to pull. 

Please go directly through an artist or see if they have their own storefront (I use bigcartel) instead of purchasing off etsy. And if you must, just please, please, never click an etsy ad.


Just to avoid any confusion, we’re talking about paid ads bought by etsy that will be hosted on google or facebook and be associated with Etsy themselves. This example is from Kikidoodle on twitter of what it looks like when you google their stuff. 

Clicking This WILL penalize artists. Clicking links shared by artists when they’re advertising their own things on tumblr and social media Will not. 

Please don’t be scared to still share your favorite artists or cool merch! Just don’t click the ads Etsy is personally buying space for!

Also a note, people who make under 10k annual are allowed to opt out! But make no mistake that this guillotine will eventually come down on them as well, Etsy loves to soft launch this kinda thing :)

Remember when they added fees to shipping costs? And then the next year they said hey why not just add the cost of shipping to the product so we can lie about free shipping? You’re paying fees either way so why not? (also we’ll penalize you for not offering free shipping sooooo)

Etsy LOVES to soft launch this bullshit. This is phase 1.




No, but you don’t understand how much they love cuddles.

I fostered a Samoyed. She would BREAK OUT OF HER KENNEL just to lay on me. Every. Single. Night. I couldn’t escape the love cloud. Every time I would lie in my bed, BOOM. Love cloud! Here for cuddles! We had to REINFORCE her kennel just so that she wouldn’t break out. See, this warming dog was trying to cuddle with me in 90+ F (32+ C) degree weather. It was inescapable.

Summary: A cloud tried to suffocate me in nearly 100-degree (38) weather because it was in her nature.


Fun fact: Samoyeds were bred largely as sled dogs, but they were also used as warming dogs, meaning they would lay on their owners to keep them warm in harsh cold climates.

This means that if you hug a Samoyed, they are likely to just sit there and accept the snuggles.

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